Never Ending Nightmares

by Humanity Delete

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Death Metal with grind/punk elements from Sweden's most prolific extreme metal master, Rogga Johansson! With a lyrical theme of Asian ghosts and folklore mixed with post-apocalyptic terrors, this is one album that's sure to have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks! With guest guitar solos by Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace).


released December 6, 2012

All music written and recorded by Rogga Johannson

All instruments and vocals by Rogga Johansson

Guest guitar solos by Lasse Pyykkö

All lyrics written by Jill Girardi except *Necromantic Sorcery by Jill Girardi and Tanya Sim

Cover art by Adam Geyer

Inner Artwork by Ironworx Gravefix, Adam Geyer and Dzul Skam

Layout by Silvester "The Goregnome" Koorevaar

Mixed/Mastered by Ronnie Björnström



all rights reserved


Dead Beat Media Penang, Malaysia

Extreme Metal label, Shop and Zine from Penang, Malaysia

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Track Name: The Eight Ice Narakas
Dark frozen plain
Icy mountains surround
Snowstorms and blizzards
Endless Winter

Isolated and unclothed
The body blistering
For a thousand thousand years
For the tiniest of sins

Blisters on the body
Bursting open suddenly
Bodies always covered
In frozen blood and pus

Body shivers, teeth chatter
Lamentations of the Cold
Crying out in pain
Endless howls of agony

The Lotus Hell begins
The body blue from cold
Frozen skin cracked open
Raw and bloodied flesh

The body cracks to pieces
Internal organs exposed
Each layer of this hell
Is longer than the last
Track Name: Black Oil Defiler (Orang Minyak)
Horrific evil done by mortal man
Incited by a demonic bargain
Worldy desires, riches, power, fame
Everlasting suffering after death

Ritual bath in sacred black oil
Predator out on its nightly hunt
Twenty one virgins in seven days
Deflowered, defiled, then sacrificed

Orang Minyak is the name he's called
If caught by him you'll feel a world of pain
No name for the oily hell from which he crawled
He's evil, he's slippery, he's quite insane

All young girls locked up safe in their homes
To protect them from this terrible fiend
The villagers go out with torches and weapons
The monster hunted by an angry mob

Ritual bath in sacred black oil
Predator out on its nightly hunt
Twenty one virgins in seven days
Deflowered, defiled, then sacrificed
Track Name: Necromantic Sorcery
Enter the jungle of accursed greed
Follow the dark path soaked in unborn blood
The witchdoctor waits with Secrets Untold
Black magic rituals from time unknown

Present to the Shaman a stillborn child
Prepared in accordance with ancient rites
Its flesh dried out and petrified as stone
Anointed with oil from the chin of a corpse

At the next full moon in the witching hour
Sepulchral incantations raise the dead
With skin greenish black and eyes glowing red
In hellborn evil, The Toyol is raised

Necromantic Sorcery binds the slave
Eternally serving through generations
Commands of its master must be obeyed
Sent out to steal in the shadow of night

Creeping out in search of all hidden wealth
Beady red eyes pierce every secret place
Small claws grasping every treasured object
Its victims mourn with the coming of dawn

Diabolic child nursed with human blood
Murderous intentions towards the masters' sons
Wealth and power come at too great a cost
Soul forever damned to the Final Hell
Track Name: The Jenglot
Mummified body, half lizard, half man
Razor sharp claws on his tiny hands
Six inches tall with long wild hair
Pointy little teeth and spine-chilling stare

Found under rocks or in rotted trees
When caught by humans he will suddenly freeze
He looks like a fetish doll carved from wood
But begins to move when he's placed near blood

They call him the Jenglot, half lizard, half man
Razor sharp claws on his mummified hands
Six inches tall with long wild hair
He lives in the jungle - seek him out if you dare

He will grant you a wish if you so desire
But an offering of blood is what he requires
He demands that you quench his grisly thirst
If he isn't appeased, prepare for the worst!

Mummified Jenglot, half snake and half man
Razor sharp claws on his mummified hands
Track Name: Dismal Corridors
Fifteen years ago it was a busy place
Until the gruesome crime kept the people away
A teenager murdered, stuffed in an air duct
His body discovered after weeks of decay

A night watchman stabbed, his limbs severed
A public suicide by gasoline and fire
Was it human revenge or an act of protest
Or was it the ghost of the angry dead?

Now no one walks through the dismal corridors
Rows upon rows of abandoned shops
Footsteps echo through the darkened hallways
An air of loneliness, despair and dread

The Lights buzz loudly, turn on and off
Rats gnawing on electrical wires
Feeling disoriented, lost in an empty void
Always sensing someone behind you

A few brave souls dare to step inside
Though danger lurks in these unhallowed halls
Waiting in the dark are the restless dead
Seeking vengeance for untimely death
Track Name: Resurrection Rites
The dead don't have to stay dead
We can call them back from hell
Beckoning them with our words
Bodies preserved until return

The dead can return to us
If we don't bury the body
Speak each day of what they loved
Remind them why they need to return

The dead don't have to stay dead
Bodies soaked in special herbs
A way to stop decomposition
Though the heart no longer beats

The dead can return to us
Take proper care of the body
Cut the hair and trim the nails
Keeping close the things they loved

The dead don't have to stay dead
If only we have enough time
If no fools dare to interfere
The dead can live again
Track Name: Retribution of the Polong
Meaningless is the passage of time
When bitter revenge is all that one seeks
The knife in the dark waits without forgetting
Malevolent path to retribution

Sacred objects aligned, prepare the blue fire
Horrific sorcery enthralls the dead

Blood of a murdered man poured in a vial
Anguished spirit called from realms beyond

Above the flames a haze begins to form
A shapeless fog, unrestrainable rage
A grisly request for avenging death,
Unbridled hatred has called forth Hell Itself

I can lie on the ice and not freeze
I can drink a lake of blood and not burst

Where my fangs break the skin, I hold til death
Nothing can stop me, when once I've been called

Show me your enemies
Track Name: Pontianak Part I
Deep in the woods is an unmarked plot
In which lies a young girl, her life snuffed out too soon

Her innocence defiled, her body left to rot
From her shallow grave she rises, by the light of the moon

Her long black hair is now her only veil
Her face is ghastly white, with long gleaming fangs

A single eye protrudes, red as the fires of hell
Her hands are claws to tear the flesh and ease her hunger pangs
Track Name: The Eight Fire Narakas
An inferno heats the ground made of iron
Molten metal poured on the naked flesh
Iron claws attack until the second death
revived and sliced into pieces again

Black lines drawn in patterns on the body
Servants of Yama appear with savage weapons

Flaming swords and spears cut along the lines
Organs are roasted and devoured whole
Masses of rock crush the body to jelly
Life is then restored, to be crushed again

Pierced with burning swords, flames burst from the mouth
Torn apart by animals who eat your flesh

Seeking safety from the blazing furnace
A cold spot from out of nowhere
Enter it only to be locked inside
And scream as your shelter bursts into flame

Continuous Naraka, worst of the Eight Hells
Roasted alive in an endless blaze of suffering
Uninterrupted torture seems eternal
Punishment for evil deeds in mortal life
Track Name: Frozen Apparition
Blinding blizzard, eyes stung by snow
Limbs going numb as extremities freeze
Seeking shelter in the ferryman's hut
The only welcome a warning most grim

Through the window the White Lady comes
Her face as white as the snow outside
Eyes black as death , two empty holes
Icy white dress, stained with blood

Petrified, he pretends to be asleep
But too late, the woman slips into the hut
bending over the old man's sleeping body
She breathes her white frost over his face

She turns her attention to the younger man
Spellbound by each other, entranced by the terrible
In a chilling voice she speaks, I'll spare your life
If you swear you'll never tell a soul of this night

She vanishes as quickly as she came
Night passing in interminable horror
At last the rays of dawn pierce the window
The Ferryman lies frozen, stiff and cold
Track Name: Pontianak Part II
If you ever should witness her, pretend it was a dream
Don't ever try to speak of all the horrors that you've seen
Dare to speak her name, and she'll come to you again
And drain you of your blood this time, before you even scream

When the dogs howl at night and the children start to cry
And the birds fall silent and the insects are still

Lock your doors, stay inside, don't look to the night sky
That's when she rides the wind, looking for a kill
Mothers be warned, keep your children from her sight
She'll take them from their beds in the dead of the night

She passes right through all barred windows and locked doors
Without a sound she glides, her feet don't reach the floor
Nothing can save you from the rage of the abhorred
Blood glutted feasting, demonic woman straight from hell